Lunete de Soleil

Where have we seen these before, I've been becoming obessed with sunglasses/vintage designer frames. I came across Lunette de Soleil by De Roma and the original shutter shades. Kanye obviously took inspiration and made history with these. I was at work Sunday and saw like 5 kids rocking the Kanye Shutter shades, and i couldn't help but to laugh. Everyone want's to be a trendsetter, but to become a trendsetter you have to do your history, that's how I think you can be different you gotta do your homework kids. LOL

I'm here to provide you with style and show you where you can coop the exclusive stuff

I found 2 people on ETSY selling these vintage Lunette de Soleil by De Roma, from what I understand these were big in the 80s.
But you can coop a pair of these here and here

Salute Me Sir!