Sir and Madame Up and Running

Saw these on come Cheap Monday Sunglasses, so I took them off and coop these Chanel inspired Sunglasses Chain, pretty dope

Stopped by Sir and Madame today, and it was there opening, so I grabbed some Sir and Madame Gear. The new shop is really dope they keep the vintage feel to the store. Stop by when you get a chance.

There grand opening is July 2nd!

Salute Me Sir

Iridium Party

We performed Leave Me Alone a new joint

Fixing my Ray Ban's lol
Me and my crew (Ozone, Josh the Baker, & Tek) finally brought out my vintage Fendi wallet
Rock Boys in the building tonight

Had a lot fun, Happy Dog Gallery was uber dope. Thanks Platinum for always looking out bro since day one. 10 murdered the photo's. Our set has dope can't wait to get the footage.
& Tek man was we about to whoop that dudes ass haha

Salute Me Sir!
We gota lota shows coming up this summer come support!

Good Bar

This nigga Damien a freak haha
My homie Kev from Slab Up
Kim was wasted
PBR need to sponsor DJ A-Fly Kid

We get it in at Good Bar on thursday shout out to Kunal and Matt & DJ O-Zone


Prosper has been my only friend since 6th grade, and has been a been influence in my life. Love you bro!

My brother fooled some teacher in to thinking he graduated haha!
Here with my family (my lil brother Dierra, Aunt Belinda, Mom-Janie, Aunt Charlene, and Kisha)

Def made a mark in my life. Thank you God for helping my to graduate and all the staff, family, teacher's and friends that helped me.

Love is War

Shoot of to the homie Platinum who has always looked out for me, and keeps me i their recent shoot. I don't know the photographer's name but she was really good 1 of the best since Jon Waisman. had a lot of fun and my boy Josh def helped make me laugh LOL.

Click Pictures to Enlarge and click here to see the rest of the shoot

Come to our show this friday with Iridium

LabRabbit Optics

Check out LabRabbit Optics new site, shout out to Coyote for hitting me up for the shoot, I'm rocking a ill pair of vintage Dunhill with gold titanium frames. If your looking for vintage rare designer frames or sunglasses check them out. Just give me my credit because i be putting niggaz up on shit and they don't give me a thanks. But anyho, hit me if you need there info. They also have Retro Super Future, and a new brand Colab that goes hard.


Salute Me Sir!

Dope Boy Magic

Vintage MCM Billfold

Vintage Givenchy

Ends/Wealth Accept No Imposters Tee

Stopped by Deliciously Vintage and my home boy Luxury Law laced me with some vintage Givenchy sunglasses and a MCM Billfold, idk whats been going on but I've been running into a lota MCM lately. & I cooped a Ends/Wealth tee yesterday, love Brandon's character's and this color way was mean

Feeling Good

Its finally here download our new single Feeling Good
Produced By Johnny Rocket
Artwork by J-Youngest 1

The Matinee coming really soon!

Salute Me Sir!

Louie V anyone?

I made my rounds yesterday after we left Leaders we went to Black Market Caviar
They had an event with Mr.Tastees and they had Ice Cream Samples and drinks. Had a good time and got some more of these Louie 40 Bags

Salute Me Sir!

Seeing Sounds

Met N*E*R*D at Leaders 1354 yesterday. It was insane it was a line around the corner and down the street. Luckily I snook my way in and I was the 2nd person to talk to Nerd. It was good to finally see Chad make a apperance, but Shae wasn't there. I've been a Nerd fan ever since I was in highschool and people thought I was weird as hell for listening to them.

So I asked 4Rell Im like yo P, I got 1 question

P's-Like whud up

Im like what was going through your mind when you made Tape You.

Hes like I was being a young perv-hilirious!

Salute Me Sir!