Today was a Good Day

Vintage Ray Ban Wayfarer II's I really love the Wayfarer II's because its a different and bigger shape than the classic ones. They tilt a little more and they all have different colors on the top and the arms. Gota pay homage none of these brands would be around if it wasn't for Ray Ban.

These are going to make dope prescription glasses
Super Heaven
____ showed me and mike the new Super line sheet, man they got a pair that i must have thats coming out.

Idk figured I'd throw this picture in LOL
Man these 865's are so cold, & we have a winner!

Vintage silhoutte's are banana's
Check out this new brand called Collab I didn't take any picture but they are amazing!

Me and my bro Mickey Mike stopped by ____. LOL he was tired of me talking about all these glasses so we checked out some cool stuff today! & he didn't wana leave it's like 5 tables full of glasses that I didn't even snap any pictures of

Salute Me Sir!