Hello World and to all the followers and friends that follow my blog.
Sorry I've been M-I-A lately, but I've been pilled with so much work being that I graduated from college. I finished classes like 3dayz ago, & I'm so happy its all over. I got my portfilio show this monday so ill have pictures from it.

But on a brighter note heres a lil update of things I've been doing:
*Hung out with Coco&Breezy a few weeks ago
*Assisted Delano for his styling photoshoot
*& The Rocketeers are working on a new mixtape entitled "300 Dayz of Summer/ Made By Me" its going to be similar to speakerboxx/lovebelow, as far as 2 solo albums, but we wil appear on both.!!

Im Back

Salute Me SiR!