New York City Day 1

We (Me, Johnny Rocket, DJ O-Zone, & Kenny) arrived in New York Saturday morning. So I snapped this one at the air port.
We Stopped by The GoodWood NYC office and met Kerri and the staff. She showed us some new products coming out and hook us all up with The New Natural Jesus Piece. It was nice to finally met her considering we've been talking through email for about a year now.

These are a sample pair of sunglasses that are going to be released this year, she told me the brand that she was collabing with I just forgot, these fit dope

Just having fun in Bedsty while we were heading to the GoodWood Nyc office/studio work space. BTW there graffiti every where in New York
Just having fun on the train heading back to Brooklyn

Ill upload the rest of some more pictures tomorrow I'm just tired right now

Salute Me Sir!