Song of the day

Today's song of the day is N*E*R*D Tape You, i was in high school when In Search of... came out, & I've been a fan ever since, I hate these new N*E*R*D fans who go to the concerts and don't know the songs, and haven't heard In Search Of... I like this song because its straight forward and edgy, it talks about them recording a sex session haha, i like the UK version better because it switch up at the end is crazy, and you can hear the girl getting worked out in the background. This is my fav N*E*R*D fyi, I got a chance to get on stage when they was at The House of Blues..

Salute Me Sir!

N*E*R*D-Tape You

Me and Pharrell at the HOBs Chicago!

Me at the Depaul concert, i had on my N*E*R*D H&M collab tee that they did, and cds in my hands to bad i didn't get the chance to give them more LOL!